“Trill Media worked with us to boost our results in weeks, months. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they are incredibly knowledgeable on the best growth strategies for Instagram.

Their help allowed us to quickly reach more than 100,000 followers, which resulted in more brand exposure and lucrative deals with important brands like Bai, Chobani, and Raw Sugar.”

Paola Marquez,
Influencer and Online Fitness Coach

“I have either looked at or tried several services from Growth Geeks to Crew. In full disclosure, I eventually went with Trill Media. When deciding to use an agency, the key is to find people who both understand your strategy and content. This ensures that your engagement is authentic and avoids any awkward activity that results from automation.”

Jon Levy,
quoted from Forbes

“I just wanted to take a moment to recognize my good friends at Trill Media.

If you’re even REMOTELY interested in using Instagram for business… Frankly, I think you’re borderline nuts not to hire them. They took us from 23 followers to over 6,400 in a month along with a ton of real engagement.

Candidly, those are typically BS/vanity metrics in the business world… However,
we’re seeing great sales already and are getting ready to institute direct response
(i.e. measure every step of the process).

They know Instagram like the back of their hands and they don’t automate, buy followers, or anything to that extent… They’re just REALLY good at what they do. If you’re interested, reach out to them. PS – I expect a personal thank you letter later if you hire them”

Brooks Briz,

“I was able to greatly grow my account while working with Trill Media and learned so many tips I continue to use today. What I really loved though was that they were real people I could trust.

They were always there to answer a quick question and I always felt so confident in trusting their knowledge and taking their advice. They went above and beyond in helping with all aspects of my social media strategy.”

Danielle Prestejohn,
Online Health Coach